Bronco Mendenhall ditches jersey numbers at Virginia this spring


Hoos players are numberless, and will continue to be until their 2016 opener Sept. 3 against Richmond.

“There will be no numbers on the jerseys in the spring,” Mendenhall said, according to the The (Charlottesville) Daily Progress’ Andrew Ramspacher. “Nothing on the helmets, other than their names on the front.”

The number selection process will be merit-based, and it won’t take place until August.

“If you start from the beginning of the offseason program and you take the body of work from the offseason program through spring practice, through the summer and through fall camp,” Mendenhall said, according to the paper, “that will then determine the order in which a player can choose his number.

“So the team will vote on who gets first pick and he can choose any number he’d like. It’ll work sequentially down.”

We’ve seen all sorts of quirky moves over the years from new coaches looking to implement more accountability amongst their players. This is certainly the most unique.

UVA doesn’t open spring ball until Tuesday. To say the Hoos will look different would be a massive understatement.

“Every time you lose a game, you’re frustrated. It doesn’t matter the way you lose. Losing is losing. You can’t be happy,” Molina said. “If you’re a winner, you can’t be happy every time you lose.”

Molina’s impact on the Cardinals’ pitching has always been difficult to quantify, but impossible to deny. This season, his impact on the Cardinals’ offense has been measurable and important. His .333 batting average is the best among major-league catchers, as are his 13 doubles. He is third in OPS and second in WAR to Kansas City’s young star, Salvador Perez.

This is an unpleasant reality the sides have wrestled with for months while trying to focus on the team. But league rules and the Heat’s situation may end up causing it to come to a head as the Heat enter the summer needing to make roster plans.

Such as, do the Heat need to spend some of their $40 million in cap space on signing a center to be their starter in place of Bosh long term. A player like now-free agent Hassan Whiteside, for example.

However, Floyd’s production — or lack thereof — in college is curious. The Bears envision Floyd disrupting the quarterback at the next level, but the outside linebacker only had 4.5 sacks in 13 games in his final season at Georgia.

Can a player who wasn’t a great pass-rusher in college develop into a great pass-rusher in the NFL?

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