Coach No. 3 spoke of a different way of attacking the New England defense than Coach No. 2.

“Offensively, I’m going into the game thinking, ‘I have to score points, so I’m calling the game that way and we’re going to let it all go,’ ” he said. “I’ll be probably a little more aggressive than I normally would be. Then the first thing you have to talk to your team about is executing perfectly in the game because that’s what the Patriots do. They don’t make mistakes.

“From a defensive standpoint, you’ve got to somehow, some way put pressure on Brady. If he has free reign and isn’t pressured … They. Will. Win. If you can do it Cheap Authentic Hockey Jerseys with four guys, great. I think with Philadelphia, like Jacksonville, they have a chance to do it. I think they have a chance to do it with four guys — they’re that good.”

Duchene scored his first goal 12 and Soderberg added his first 18 as the NHL-worst Avalanche won at home for the third time four tries.His velocity waned as he served up a pair of home runs to Padres second baseman Jedd Gyorko, who drilled a two-run blast and clobbered a grand slam.The dive is considered to be a European import the professional game, but Barber mastered it just as the European invasion began.Barnette, who has been sidelined for three weeks with a strained oblique muscle his left side, looked ready to go after throwing a simulated game on Saturday morning with Choo, Hanser Alberto and Joey hitting off him.He is currently serving a 33-year sentence , and is eligible for parole 2017.

Shurmur won nine games in two seasons with the Browns. His head coaching debut in 2011 lined up with the NFL lockout and his second year ended with the sale of the team and thus the inevitable desire for a clean slate.

“I thought Pat did a pretty good job from where we were to where we ended up when he got fired,’’ Thomas said. “The team was definitely headed in the right direction. We certainly were playing better and given a couple more years we could have turned that team into a playoff contender.’’

Shurmur did not get a third season in Cleveland, and soon enough, he will get the chance to make an impression in his first year with the Giants, a team in need of fresh ideas.

“I think he’s a great motivator, great leader. Not all leaders are fire and brimstone,’’ Thomas said. “I see it a lot of the same way a guy like Andy Reid motivates. The respect you have for him and his intellect and what he brings to the game of football and what he demands Cheap Bike Jerseys out of you is the way he gets the most out of his players.’’

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