UCLA’s gigantic comeback vs. A&M began at the exact same second as the Patriots’ in the Super Bowl

UCLA’s 34-point comeback to beat Texas A&M was the second biggest in the history of college football (only 2006 Michigan State’s 35-pointer against Northwestern can top it). Once you factor in stakes, it was still only the second biggest football upset of the 2017 calendar year, though.

The last time these two teams met was in the AFC Championship last season, and it seems appropriate that the first game back is a chance for Kansas City to earn back a bit of their pride. The Chiefs actually hold the all-time lead between the two, claiming 17-13-1 record in the series, and they’re banking on rookie rusher Kareem Hunt to fill in for Jamaal Charles this season. Hunt will face one of his toughest tests this year during his regular season NFL debut.

Of course the Saints still have Coby Fleener who will be in his second year with the team, and I’d expect Fleener to get the majority of targets at the position. But I can still certainly see Hill easily surpassing his career best for catches (16) and receiving yardage (176), while potentially exceeding his high water mark of five touchdowns as well.

He might not make the Pro Bowl, but I do think Josh Hill will take a big leap forward in his production. That is why I chose him to be the Saints’ breakout player of 2017.

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