The feud between Orbit and Chris Archer ends with Archer getting scared out of his britches

The Rays’ Chris Archer and Astros mascot Orbit have been going back and forth with pranks this week during the series in Texas. The player-mascot feud involved everything from Declarations of Unfriendliness to water balloons to humorous T-shirts.

With each game, a new and fun prank was volleyed from one side to the other. After the final matchup of the two teams this season, everything seemed to be wrapped up until next year.

She’s playing on the Philadelphia Phillies, representing the Mid-Atlantic region in the Junior Baseball bracket of the RBI World Series.

MLB’s RBI program, which stands for Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities, is currently holding its World Series in Cincinnati, where both baseball and softball divisions compete for the top prize.

Even if it’s been a while since the public has seen Mo’ne on the mound, she of course hasn’t stopped pitching in the last few years. And she looks just as ready to dominate as usual.

The Phillies lost their first game in the East division to Chicago by only one run, which stemmed from a rough inning on Mo’ne’s part, but they’ll play again later on Tuesday night against Arizona and try to get a win back there. With Mo’ne Davis on their side, don’t count Cheap MLB Jerseys Free Shipping them out just yet.

Welcome to the 2017 Home Run Derby, where there should be dingers aplenty. We’re kicking things off with an introduction brought to you by Miami’s DJ Irie, who played some very Cheap NBA Jerseys Miami sounds while the eight competitors stood on a stage on the mound.

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