Maty Mauk, down but not out, is keeping his NFL dream alive

Maty Mauk sits at a table, a football in his hand. Leaning back in a desk chair, he tosses the football in the air.

His voice is steady, with the midwestern twang that was frequently heard on television following Missouri games as the quarterback was interviewed after big wins. Mauk was a winner in high school, a winner in college.

Now, after owning up to poor decisions, he wants to win at life. They are decisions, he said, that aren’t indicative of the full truth about who he is as a person.

Carroll is the ultimate players’ coach who gives his guys plenty latitude in their public comments (or non-comments, in the case of Marshawn Lynch). But the tipping point in this relationship obviously came when Sherman got into a sideline shouting match with Darrell Bevell after the offensive coordinator called a goal-line pass play during a late-season win over the Rams. To add fuel to the fire, Sherman told the media post-game, “We’ve already seen that,” referring to the infamous, last-minute interception in the 2014 Super Bowl loss to the Patriots. His outburst prompted a reportedly heated post-game discussion with Carroll.

In addition to the Bevell blow-up, Sherman’s refusal to speak to local media, coupled with a knee injury that affected his play over the second half of last season, made for a difficult 2016. This Cheap Jerseys MLB surely led to a feeling in the organization, and with Sherman, that a split was in everyone’s best interest.

When a divorce is inevitable, why wait and put more stress on both parties? It’s apparent that Sherman has one foot out the door, so how committed can he possibly be to Cheap Jerseys Good the team that made him a fifth-round draft pick in 2011?

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