Howard will continue his climb into the spotlight

While Howard was the top tight end recruit in the nation, he wasn’t featured heavily in the Alabama offense. He had two touchdowns as a freshman, but zero as a MLB Cheap Jerseys From China sophomore and didn’t score his junior year until the national championship against Clemson.

“It was kind of emotional for me,” Howard said. “I knew how hard I had worked all year long and to finally have it happen in the biggest game of the year — there’s no better feeling than that.”

Howard’s five receptions for 208 yards and two touchdowns propelled Alabama to a 45-40 win, and while the Crimson Tide couldn’t repeat in 2016, he still posted four receptions for 106 yards and one touchdown in the rematch against Clemson.

Now, Howard will continue his climb into the spotlight – this time in a Tampa Bay uniform.

The Indians were then forced to forfeit the game, in part, because their fans were too drunk. (Here’s our 40-year anniversary piece on Ten-Cent Beer Night.)

Times have changed and people have evolved. The Rockets’ Toyota Center staff will probably be on high alert knowing their fan base is likely to be more rowdy and intoxicated than games past. They’ll also be dealing with more fans in attendance early in games than they’ve seen.

Hopefully, things don’t pan out the way they did in Cleveland more than 40 years ago.

Crucially, though, it is Chayka making the decisions – and this is the key in what Arizona are doing: they are breaking the mold of having “hockey men” be those who have the final say on what their hockey team does.

Instead, they are trusting John Chayka to be the arbiter of all these differing views and put them together to do what’s best for the Coyotes – to analyze all available data and make a decision based upon that, using his experience and skills gained only tangentially to hockey at the forefront.

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