Wait, the Cavs were talking about WHAT in their huddle?

It’s hard to truly know what players are talking about in the huddle. We can try our best to become lipreading experts or pick up audio from nearby TV mics. But it feels safe to say they are not talking about that.

Cavs sideline reporter Allie Clifton relayed an observation during the break between the third and fourth quarters of Friday night’s game between Cleveland and the Nets. Well, it was supposed to be an observation. It sounded like something else entirely.

Fultz continues to reside at No. 1 on just about every NBA scout’s draft board that I’ve spoken with in recent weeks. Why? He is having an historic season for any college basketball player, let alone an 18-year-old freshman.

Fultz is currently the only player since at least the 2009-10 season (according to Sports-Reference.com) to put up at least 23 points per game on a 55 percent true-shooting percentage while also posting at least a 34 assist rate and under a 13 turnover rate. He is a unique blend of efficient scoring ability and playmaking that hasn’t been seen in college hoops for a while. And he’s doing it with players around him that aren’t exactly of elite quality.

Even though Washington hasn’t had the type of team success Cheap Blue Jays Jerseys you’d hope for, Fultz has lived up to the hype in every way Cheap China NFL Jerseys individually. He’s in a tier all by himself as a prospect.

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Chris Paul on future with Clippers: ‘We just lost 20 minutes ago’

In some quarters, George drew praise for wanting the last shot. But he was castigated elsewhere for hammering a teammate.

He’s not a winner by saying that (stuff) in public, said Cheap China NFL Jerseys one GM. That’s no way to support a teammate, but that’s how Paul rolls.

He’s been erratic as a playoff performer, and has been called out for his lack of consistency by Indiana team president Larry Bird. But George is famously tougher on teammates than he is on himself, even when the team is winning a few rounds in the playoffs. When the Pacers competed against Miami for the top spot in the East in 2013 and 2014, they had strong veteran leaders like David West and George Hill. If Magic makes a deal for George or signs him as a free agent in 2018, he’ll need to import similar strong-willed vets, or else there is a good chance that George’s negativity will adversely impact younger teammates.

Chris Paul’s season is over, but that doesn’t necessarily mean his time with the Clippers is.

Shortly after Los Angeles’ Game 7 loss to Utah in its first-round NBA playoff Cheap Custom Hockey Jerseys series, a reporter asked Paul whether he would exercise his early termination option in July.

Paul has played in 76 career postseason games, the most of any player without making a conference finals appearance. That includes a six-year stretch with the Clippers, who, with their loss to the Jazz on Sunday, have failed to make the second round of the playoffs two years running.

It wouldn’t be out of the question for Paul to consider leaving the Clippers for a team with a better shot of at least a conference title — and he certainly has that opportunity now that the fourth season of his contract with the Clippers has concluded.

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