Chargers rookie Mike Williams denies he has season-ending back injury

Chargers rookie wide receiver Mike Williams stated Saturday that he will not need season-ending surgery to repair a herniated disk in his lower back.

There had been some reports claiming Williams may need to undergo season-ending surgery for the injury he suffered during rookie minicamp, but the first-round pick in this year’s draft made sure everyone knew the reports were false.

Moran stumbled away from the batter’s box and immediately went to the ground clutching his face. After being examined by trainers, he was carted off the field.

It was a pretty scary incident, manager A.J. Hinch said. I go on the field, and he’s got blood on the face. Blood, it isn’t generally seen in our sport.

He went to the hospital, where he was evaluated for everything from a concussion to a fracture, Hinch said.

The 24-year-old Moran, who was playing only his second game this season after being called up from Triple-A Tuesday, has literally seen the agony and the ecstasy the sport has to offer in his brief stint with the Astros. Friday night, he hit his first career home run.

On an odd note, the player who replaced Moran in the batter’s box after his injury, Marwin Gonzalez, hit a three-run homer to provide the go-ahead runs as the Astros went on to win 8-4.

Another 24 percent of people said they didn’t watch Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys as many games because of domestic violence incidents involving players or because of Cheap Custom Jerseys game delays.

Sixteen percent said the presidential election replaced their NFL interest, and 5 percent said they got rid of cable.

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Wait, the Cavs were talking about WHAT in their huddle?

It’s hard to truly know what players are talking about in the huddle. We can try our best to become lipreading experts or pick up audio from nearby TV mics. But it feels safe to say they are not talking about that.

Cavs sideline reporter Allie Clifton relayed an observation during the break between the third and fourth quarters of Friday night’s game between Cleveland and the Nets. Well, it was supposed to be an observation. It sounded like something else entirely.

Fultz continues to reside at No. 1 on just about every NBA scout’s draft board that I’ve spoken with in recent weeks. Why? He is having an historic season for any college basketball player, let alone an 18-year-old freshman.

Fultz is currently the only player since at least the 2009-10 season (according to to put up at least 23 points per game on a 55 percent true-shooting percentage while also posting at least a 34 assist rate and under a 13 turnover rate. He is a unique blend of efficient scoring ability and playmaking that hasn’t been seen in college hoops for a while. And he’s doing it with players around him that aren’t exactly of elite quality.

Even though Washington hasn’t had the type of team success Cheap Blue Jays Jerseys you’d hope for, Fultz has lived up to the hype in every way Cheap China NFL Jerseys individually. He’s in a tier all by himself as a prospect.

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Warriors’ Steve Kerr calls Donald Trump’s travel ban a ‘horrible idea’

Warriors coach Steve Kerr has been pretty vocal about opposing Donald Trump, saying soon after he won the election, I thought we were better than this.

With little more than a month remaining in the initial five-year agreement establishing SHRP (Sports Health and Research Program), the NFL has yet to contribute the remaining $18 million pledged to support research into health issues affecting athletes through NIH, the letter reads. Since this research is critical to improving our understanding of the increased health risks that athletes face from their sport as well as ways to prevent and mitigate such risks for the future, we would hope that the NFL would follow through on its commitment to provide the balance of its $30 million donation.

In 2012, the NFL agreed to pay $30 million over five years to NIH for research as an unrestricted pledge. The agreement expires next month.

A league spokesperson responded to the Washington Post by Cheap Baseball Jerseys saying the NFL is currently engaged in constructive discussions with the NIH.

Yes, left end Akiem Hicks is a beast who should produce even better in a contract year. But he’s the only sure bet on the front of the Bears’ 3-4 under Fangio. Nose tackle Eddie Goldman has all the potential in the world, but his shaky Cheap Basketball Jerseys UK injury history forced Chicago to sign John Jenkins for depth in the wake of Will Sutton’s departure.

The Bears hope their savior in this position group will be second-year right end Jonathan Bullard, who provided flashes last season but struggled with consistency. He and Mitch Unrein again will split time unless Bullard improves and earns the vast majority of snaps. Without Cornelius Washington and Ego Ferguson, depth on the defensive line is an issue.

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NBA trade rumors: Cavaliers interested in Jose Calderon, Andrew Bogut

THE RUMOR: LeBron James says the Cavaliers need to add a playmaker, and after hosting a free-agent minicamp, the team has turned its attention toward Lakers guard Jose Calderon and Mavericks center Andrew Bogut in their search for help.

THE DETAILS: Due to the Cavs’ salary-cap limitations, in part caused by contracts desired by James, it’s unlikely they end up with Calderon, Bogut or Mavericks guard Deron Williams, who has also been linked to the Cavs.

The only sure thing is that Carmelo Anthony has outlived his usefulness in New York.

Almost everybody in New York thought that line came directly from the Zen Master himself. Since the Rosen piece, the Knicks have been in a free fall, and Melo has had to answer to an endless stream of questions about trades while Jackson has remained silent. He hasn’t talked to the New York media since Sept. 22 and doesn’t appear ready to break his silence. When Derrick Rose went AWOL earlier this month, Jackson had coach Jeff Hornacek answer questions instead of handling what seemed to be more in line with his position as team president. That only added to the idea that Jackson continues to be in over his head.

Things aren’t pretty. Right now the Knicks are headed for a fourth straight playoff-less season and the brunt of the fans’ disgust will fall on Anthony’s shoulders. In a way, it’s worse than what former Knicks star Patrick Ewing faced because at Cheap Authentic NBA Jerseys least the Knicks were an automatic 50-win team and had several deep runs, including two Cheap Authentic Hockey Jerseys Finals appearances, during Ewing’s New York days.

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High school players go crazy as LeBron James walks onto court after their game

Wednesday was a special day for two high school basketball teams, who got to play against each other at Quicken Loans Arena.

The two teams, Cleveland Central Catholic and Garfield Heights, finished a few hours before the Cavaliers took on the Timberwolves.

Cleveland Central Catholic won the game with a thrilling buzzer-beater, but that wasn’t the only exciting moment of their day.

The players absolutely lost their minds when LeBron James Basketball Cheap Jerseys suddenly walked out onto the court.

At this stage, that’s his plan, as a growing faction of fans believes he’s holding the team hostage and should move on so that the Porzingis era can begin. Since the Rosen piece, Anthony has met with Jackson and told him that he wants to stay in New York, and he remains committed to helping the Knicks win. He has told associates he will remain firm in his desire to stay in New York and doesn’t want to be run out of town by Jackson, as their relations have worsened over the past few weeks. Despite the Clipper talk and reports of Boston having limited interest, league sources indicate that Anthony will likely still be on the team once the Feb. 23 trade deadline passes. After that, Jackson will have to wait until the draft to re-start his efforts to move Anthony. Not that Phil should count on that.

There’s one other factor that suggests that Anthony might just out-last Best Cheap Jerseys From China Jackson in the Big Apple. Team owner James Dolan played a major role in engineering the deal six years ago to bring in Anthony. Unlike Jackson, Dolan still has a very good relationship with his star, and doesn’t mind having a member of the Banana Boat Crew on his payroll. In fact, there’s already talk Dolan will go after another crew member, Chris Paul, this summer.

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