Gisele reveals Tom Brady has had several concussions with Patriots

Gisele Bundchen was on “CBS This Morning” Wednesday and dropped some information that could land the Patriots in some trouble.

When asked to respond to comments her husband Cheap Goalkeeper Jerseys Tom Brady made in an ESPN interview, she casually revealed that he had a concussion last year and has apparently had several throughout the course of his career.

“[Football] is an aggressive sport. Like he had a concussion last year. He has concussions pretty much every, I mean we don’t talk about that, but he does have concussions,” she said. “I don’t really think it’s a healthy thing for your body to go through that.”

“Halfway through the year, you’re like, ‘OK, I’m balling,’ and then the other half I’m not getting the ball,” he said. “And you’re just like, ‘What’s going on?’ It was like, ‘OK, I see what’s happening. They don’t want me here anymore.'”

The numbers match Cruz’s theory, although “ballin” may have been strong language. In the first eight games, Cruz caught 25 passes for 377 yards and in the second half (he missed one week due to injury) he had 14 receptions for 209 yards.

While those numbers aren’t necessarily eye-popping, the revealing number is the fact Cruz played 90 percent of the snaps in New York’s first eight games compared to just 57 in the second half. He believes his usage was reduced in order for the team to save money and outrage from the fanbase.

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Calvin Johnson says Lions mistreated him as he retire

Unlike Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson doesn’t plan to come out of retirement.

While attending his annual “Catching Dreams” football camp in Michigan on Saturday, the former Lions wide receiver opened up about life after football since hanging up his helmet and confirmed he won’t be making a comeback anytime soon.

“I don’t really think about it too much because I got so much going on,” Johnson told the Detroit Free Press. “I came in with Marshawn. We worked out together down in Orlando with Tom Shaw. I’m going to see him next week because I’m going out there to work with Oakland. But I don’t feel any kind of mixed emotions about it now. It doesn’t make me think about coming back, not at all.”

Johnson, who announced his retirement at age 30 last March, spent his entire nine-year career in Detroit after being selected by the Lions with the second overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. Despite his longstanding relationship with the franchise, Johnson has since distanced himself from the team.

“I don’t even like to talk Lions too much just because the way our relationship ended,” Johnson said when asked about his No. 81 being retired. “If they see me around here, we’ll see. But hey, I don’t know. I just didn’t feel like I was treated the way I should have Cheap Elite NFL Jerseys been treated Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys on the way out. That’s all. I mean, it’s all good. I’m not tripping. I don’t feel any kind of way, just hey, that’s what they did. Hey, it is what is.”

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