Would Julio Jones hold out of training camp for a new deal?

Falcons receiver Julio Jones reportedly will skip voluntary offseason workouts as he tries to get an adjustment to a deal that currently pays him far less than other less talented and accomplished receivers. If he doesn’t get the adjustment, what will he do?

With a contract that runs through 2020, Jones could have a hard time getting the team to rip up the deal and give him a new one now. As a result, he may have to take a real stand, making it clear that he won’t show up for anything until his $14.25 million annual average gets closer to market value that his current spot at No. 8 on the receiver pay scale.

At Shawnee, I only played half a season. I only played six games my senior year. I decided I want to play football in college and be recruited for football and now all the schools are coming because they know that I have another season under my belt and better timing, he said.

“For sure. I mean, I look at it as a great opportunity,” Hoyer said, via the team. “Obviously to get to know the guys that were here last year a little bit better and obviously get to know the new guys, too. I’ve been in other places where I’ve been the guy that’s responsible for leading, being that guy. So, for me, I come out every day and look at it as a great opportunity to get better.”

Hoyer was asked if he felt Brady’s absence created any distraction for the team as they go through OTAs. Hoyer said it wasn’t “in any way at all” because he’s just focused on his job, which is an answer that shows he knows more than just the way the offense runs in New England.

As NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported on NFL Up to the Minute Live, the proposals have the potential to make kickoffs more exciting since they place limits on blocking schemes.

The proposals, if approved, would collectively represent the second significant change made this offseason to improve player safety. In March, team owners approved an expanded helmet-hit rule that penalizes players who lower Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys their heads and initiate contact on Cheap Professional Sports Jerseys an opponent with their helmets.

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