The NFL wasted no time in giving us a clash of two bad quarterbacks right off the bat in Week 1.

Look, it’s not really Kizer’s fault that he’s not very good. The consensus on the rookie before the draft was that he was raw and needed time to develop. Instead, he was thrust into a starting role in Cleveland without a ton of talent around him. And Week 2 was his worst showing. Kizer, who was dealing with a migraine headache, finished with 182 yards, no touchdowns, three picks, and a lost fumble.

Make no mistake: The Jaguars did not obliterate the Texans 29-7 because of anything great that Bortles did. On the contrary, the defense won it for Jacksonville in spite of a 125-yard, one-touchdown performance from its quarterback.

Oh, and Bortles also slapped Allen Robinson right in the knee immediately after Robinson tore his ACL. Bortles meant well, but come on, man.

Savage didn’t even last the entire game. At halftime, he was benched for rookie Deshaun Watson, who honestly should’ve been starting all along. Savage took six sacks, lost two fumbles, and completed 7 of 13 passes for 62 yards.

I’ll never forget going to him after that defeat, said Boswell.Finds the soft spot front of linebackers on crossing routes.Montgomery leaves to and honor her memory: one brother, McDonald Jr.I ‘t get too excited either way.The Yankees are paying $5M of McCann’s $17M salary both 2017 and 2018, according to Olney.Only four players from the 2007 draft have scored more goals and the only players with a greater points per game are Kane and Benn.

Thompson was eased back into the rotation for the Giants Week 1, after dealing with a shoulder injury during the preseason.Vonn Bell wasn’t the only New Orleans Saints safety who received a fine for a penalty last Thursday’s loss to the Panthers.Sano was a Three True Outcome superstar from the get-go, as he walked or struck out more than half of his plate appearances last while homering 18 times just 335 trips to the plate.

It’s a feat that has not been repeated since, although we have seen some gallant tries by the Dolphins, Steelers, 49ers, Cowboys, Broncos and Patriots.Stephenson said he spent time with the Wolves’ coaching staff Tuesday trying to cram understanding of the offense.I think that needs to come out of football.All New York Jets Cheap Jerseys appeared to be lost as they attempted to go on without their #1 weapon.Because his wife, , and their two daughters remained at the Auerbachs’ home Washington during the basketball winters, family life seldom encroached on his single-minded devotion to the sport.He could reach his full potential sooner than who’ve expanded their enterprises have continued to grow the same exact crops Jerseys From China on all NBA Cheap Jerseys that land.No-name kids to the rescue of the injured stars: Can this magic last?

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