Bryce Harper hit his 150th career home run…at the exact same age Mike Trout hit his

Well, isn’t that something? On Monday night, Bryce Harper hit his 150th career home run in the fourth inning against the Marlins. He is 24 years and 295 days old.

That statistic is pretty impressive, and would be whether or not there was something else cool about it, because 150 homers before you turn 25 isn’t anything to scoff at.

Of course, we wouldn’t be writing and publishing this post if there weren’t something else cool about that statistic, and the headline probably gave it away for you already.

As we noted in our Adrian Beltre Encyclopedia, Beltre and Hernandez mess Cheap New Zealand Warriors Jerseys with each other every chance they get. It could be conversations from the Cheap NFL Jerseys Good Quality dugout to the mound, keeping tabs on who wins each at-bat, or just some plain old goofing off.

After Beltre got his 3,000th hit, Hernandez paused the game to congratulate him at home plate. Things like that make the friendship great.

There’s also the faux-feud side of things, though, where they are still joking but it’s just a shade less lighthearted than at other times. In the video above, you can absolutely see that coming through in their interactions.

Although the famously parsimonious front-office might have balked at using $2-5 million annually to lure Ichiro and/or convince Orix to part ways with him, Woody Woodward stated that the expected budget was around $50 million. Perhaps another move would have been necessitated, such as shedding the contract of Paul Sorrento ($1.5 million) or Norm Charlton ($2.9 million), but Sorrento had capable replacements including Mike Blowers, while Charlton, understandably a tough sell considering his track record, would end up below replacement level in 1997, reminding us all to never trust relievers. The money could have been found, and in the Nintendo-funded sandbox I invite you to play in with me, it was.

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