Dolphins will push for top choice Jay Cutler if Ryan Tannehill is done, report says

Ryan Tannehill’s season with the Dolphins is still up in the air, but the team is preparing to make a hard run at former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler if Tannehill needs surgery, reported.

As of right now, the Dolphins have Cutler pegged as their top choice to bring in, even though Cutler has reportedly indicated he is reluctant to return to the field.

“There are a couple of issues that might or might not fall — and that’s going to be up to the league to the decide — under the behavioral guidelines,” Jones said during Thursday’s broadcast. “But in my opinion, we’re preparing our team for Zeke and should.”

Elliott was never charged in the alleged 2016 assault, but that’s not the only issue Elliott has had off the field. He was cited in April for speeding after getting clocked at 100 mph in a 70-mph zone and stands accused of punching a nightclub DJ last weekend in Dallas, though Dallas police have suspended that investigation because the accuser was not cooperative.

“The domestic violence is not an issue,” Jones said. “Zeke has had some other things that have been looked at and are being looked at. But from the domestic violence issue, there’s not an issue. I think that my hope is that Zeke is with us opening night, and I don’t want to get into anything that might in any way influence negatively Cheap Jerseys Made In USA that decision from the league office.

“I hope — really hope — that it be immediately,” Jones Cheap Jerseys Ireland added. “I think that we will see that imminently.”

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