NBA trade rumors: Cavaliers interested in Jose Calderon, Andrew Bogut

THE RUMOR: LeBron James says the Cavaliers need to add a playmaker, and after hosting a free-agent minicamp, the team has turned its attention toward Lakers guard Jose Calderon and Mavericks center Andrew Bogut in their search for help.

THE DETAILS: Due to the Cavs’ salary-cap limitations, in part caused by contracts desired by James, it’s unlikely they end up with Calderon, Bogut or Mavericks guard Deron Williams, who has also been linked to the Cavs.

The only sure thing is that Carmelo Anthony has outlived his usefulness in New York.

Almost everybody in New York thought that line came directly from the Zen Master himself. Since the Rosen piece, the Knicks have been in a free fall, and Melo has had to answer to an endless stream of questions about trades while Jackson has remained silent. He hasn’t talked to the New York media since Sept. 22 and doesn’t appear ready to break his silence. When Derrick Rose went AWOL earlier this month, Jackson had coach Jeff Hornacek answer questions instead of handling what seemed to be more in line with his position as team president. That only added to the idea that Jackson continues to be in over his head.

Things aren’t pretty. Right now the Knicks are headed for a fourth straight playoff-less season and the brunt of the fans’ disgust will fall on Anthony’s shoulders. In a way, it’s worse than what former Knicks star Patrick Ewing faced because at Cheap Authentic NBA Jerseys least the Knicks were an automatic 50-win team and had several deep runs, including two Cheap Authentic Hockey Jerseys Finals appearances, during Ewing’s New York days.

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