High school players go crazy as LeBron James walks onto court after their game

Wednesday was a special day for two high school basketball teams, who got to play against each other at Quicken Loans Arena.

The two teams, Cleveland Central Catholic and Garfield Heights, finished a few hours before the Cavaliers took on the Timberwolves.

Cleveland Central Catholic won the game with a thrilling buzzer-beater, but that wasn’t the only exciting moment of their day.

The players absolutely lost their minds when LeBron James Basketball Cheap Jerseys suddenly walked out onto the court.

At this stage, that’s his plan, as a growing faction of fans believes he’s holding the team hostage and should move on so that the Porzingis era can begin. Since the Rosen piece, Anthony has met with Jackson and told him that he wants to stay in New York, and he remains committed to helping the Knicks win. He has told associates he will remain firm in his desire to stay in New York and doesn’t want to be run out of town by Jackson, as their relations have worsened over the past few weeks. Despite the Clipper talk and reports of Boston having limited interest, league sources indicate that Anthony will likely still be on the team once the Feb. 23 trade deadline passes. After that, Jackson will have to wait until the draft to re-start his efforts to move Anthony. Not that Phil should count on that.

There’s one other factor that suggests that Anthony might just out-last Best Cheap Jerseys From China Jackson in the Big Apple. Team owner James Dolan played a major role in engineering the deal six years ago to bring in Anthony. Unlike Jackson, Dolan still has a very good relationship with his star, and doesn’t mind having a member of the Banana Boat Crew on his payroll. In fact, there’s already talk Dolan will go after another crew member, Chris Paul, this summer.

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