Richard Sherman thinks potential NFL punishment is ‘a bit harsh’

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman believes the NFL should not reprimand his team for failing to disclose his knee injury during the season.

Seattle, which has already lost a fifth-round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, may have that upped to a second-round pick for the mishandling of Sherman’s injury. But Sherman doesn’t agree with that solution.

I don’t know if that should be the retribution, Sherman said, via ESPN after Wednesday’s Pro Bowl practice. I don’t know what the course should be. But I think that’s a bit harsh.

There’s been a lot of reports, a lot of different people saying a lot of different things. You guys know the truth, Brown said to his fans in the 14-minute Facebook Live video. I’m excited. I’m looking forward to next year. The process of getting better starts right now.

Brown landed in hot water following the Steelers’ divisional playoff win over the Chiefs on Jan. 15, when he inadvertently recorded coach Mike Tomlin’s postgame message referring to the Patriots as those aa€”holes.

According to Tomlin, Brown was punished in-house, with some Cheap Hockey Jerseys Canada reports saying he was fined $10,000.

Brown had already apologized for the incident, but asked for forgiveness again in the video, saying he recorded Tomlin at an awkward moment and that he didn’t mean no harm. It was reported last week that Brown signed a six-figure contract with Facebook to promote the live Cheap International Soccer Jerseys streaming service.

Once again, Brown reiterated how grateful he was for his fans and how much he is looking forward to next year.

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