How the NFL draft works, in a 90-second read

A single player can’t change an NFL team as much as a No. 1 prospect can in basketball, because of football’s higher number of players on the field and the fact that even a top QB will only play half a game. Football’s short, 16-game season also makes tanking — the art of gainfully losing — much less of a thing, since two months of Browns’ losses are still only eight games.

But if the NFL were to use the NBA’s model, which gives each non-playoff team a record-adjusted chance to win the No. 1 pick, it’d turn out something like this, once you adjust for the NFL’s greater number of non-playoff teams:

That’d deprive the league of a three-day TV program, so for that reason alone, it ain’t happening. But a lot of Tom Ziller’s points about getting rid of the NBA draft translate just fine:

[If we get rid of the draft], there is no longer a benefit to losing. Getting top rookies is about managing your salary cap sheet and creating an environment where young players want to play. You no longer attract the young elites by being terrible and getting lucky in a drawing. This system now rewards competence.

The best example of Smith and Dimitroff not seeing eye to Cheap Jerseys Sale eye is free safety Dezmen Southward. At 6’2 and 210 pounds, Southward had the physical attributes teams want in the secondary, and with 4.38 40-yard dash speed and a 42-inch vertical at Wisconsin’s pro day, his athleticism was appealing.

But he only played one year of high school football, and his lack of experience was a warning sign for his NFL career. Southward was projected to go in the fourth or fifth Cheap Jerseys USA Soccer round, but the Falcons grabbed him in the third round in 2014.

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