There are scenarios where field goals can decide football games

The standard I set for Ramczyk — making good college pass rushers look run-of-the-mill —applied equally to Robinson. Robinson was able to accomplish that, for the most part. In those five games, Robinson only gave up one sack and zero pressures by my count, and even the sack has to come with some context.

Other than those handful of plays, however, Robinson didn’t just do a good job with his pass protection. He had cats looking like they had on handcuffs.

There weren’t many warning signs that Aguayo would struggle with the pressures of the NFL, but it seems even more outside the character of Gonzalez, a person who seems unaffected by pressure altogether.

“I’m just worried about the snap,” ASU coach Todd Graham said after Gonzalez kicked an overtime game-winner in 2014, via AZ Central. “I don’t worry about him. He has a personality that gives you a lot of confidence. He’s the best I’ve been around. If he lines up right, he’s going to make every field goal he tries.”

Any team that wants to pick Gonzalez will have to feel comfortable that his stress-free personality translates to the NFL and there isn’t any reason to believe that Gonzalez will get the rookie yips.

There are scenarios where field goals can decide Cheap Authentic Jerseys football games, but even the worst kickers in the NFL make more than 70 percent of their Cheap Custom Hockey Jerseys kicks, while only the top 5-10 kickers make more than 90 percent.

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